The Hidden Layer Tips for web analytics, tag management, and other items in the hidden layer of the web.

Building a Robust Analytics SDR and Data Layer

One of my team's main jobs is creating requirements documents for tracking an analytics implementation, such as Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics. However, because these tools can be approached from so many angles, it takes some focus to get exactly what you need implemented. Here's a few tips on developing an SDR from start to finish.

Scroll Tracking Plugin

Sometimes there is a need to track certain scroll positions on the page. I had a request recently with the situation needed as follows:

Let's say you have a single page site where you have X top navigation links that jump to different sections on the page (for example, my homepage at The requirement for this scenario says:

1) If a user clicks on the link in the top nav, track that specific link as a page view. Then, scroll to the section on the page.
2) If a user scrolls without clicking, track each section as a page view as they scroll past it.
3) Only track each section page view once regardless of if it was clicked or scrolled.