Adobe's DTM and Analytics tools are great - but even they don't interact perfectly - especially when it comes to doing custom conversion events. Here's an alternative solution that can help!

The Problem

My team at Inteliquant constantly uses a DTM solution that involves, more or less, having a single Adobe Analytics tag for all page views and one for link calls. I won't dive into details, but a key part in that setup is being able to trigger events when we want to. However, if you've worked with DTM with the Analytics before, the only way you can trigger a counter event, without custom code, is by creating a whole new rule. This is NOT ideal, especially for clients have may have tens or hundreds of events. In our case, this would be a deal breaker, since we are targeting only 2 rules (ideally) for all Analytics variables and events.

The Answer

We found several different solutions, but none of them were super pretty. You can manually set events fairly easily in the custom code section, but sometimes you just need to base it off your data elements. This logic can get large quickly with a lot of events, especially when dealing with currency and numeric events.

We wanted something that was simple to use, worked with existing data elements, and kept code as concise as possible. In comes a custom Analytics plugin. Here's a link to the code:

s.triggerAdobeEvent plugin


There are several notes in the plugin code on how to use this plugin, so I won't go into a super detailed walkthrough. The gist of it though is that this will allow you to utilize your data elements and use them to "trigger" an Analytics event. You can trigger this as a counter, or trigger it with a value (e.g. numeric events). Here's an example block of how these might look:

s.triggerAdobeEvent("scAdd", "eventName", "cart add");
s.triggerAdobeEvent("scRemove", "eventName", "cart remove");
s.triggerAdobeEvent("event1", "eventName", "user register");
s.triggerAdobeEvent("event2", "eventName", "email signup");
s.triggerAdobeEvent("event11", "eventName", "social share");

You can immediately see the logic here in this instance where I will "trigger" scAdd if "eventName" contains "cart add". In any case, feel free to use this plugin if you need it and explore the other options it provides to help make your implementation a little bit cleaner! If you need additional DTM help, or would like your whole implementation handled for you - feel free to shoot us a quick note here! Inteliquant